Box Tops

What is ``Box Tops for Education``?

It is a program created by General Mills that has resulted in over $200 million dollars of rebates back to schools as of 2007. The program was expanded in 2002 to include products from companies other than General Mills. For more details and a list of participating products, please see the informational website at

How will this benefit the School of the Madeleine and our Children?

For each “Box Tops for Education” label that we collect, our school will receive 10 cents from the program. It may not sound like a lot, but as an example, Andover Elementary School in Minnesota has earned over $37,000 since 2002.

What do you need to do?

  • Look for the "Box Tops for Education" label, which can be found on products that many of us use every day. (Go to the Box Top for Education website for a list of participating products.)
  • Cut the label out and save in an envelope or zip lock bag labeled with your child's class number.
  • Send the envelope/zip lock bag with your child to school during the last week of the grading period. Box Tops can be dropped off in the collection container located outside the office.

What will the reward be for the class with the most labels?

Not only will the school receive monies from General Mills, but the class who returns the most labels at the end of each grading period will receive a special treat.

If you have any questions about the program, would like to volunteer as a label counter or provide treats for our winning class please contact one of the following parents:


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