Technology Committee

The Technology Committee was established in May 1996 as a subcommittee of the Advisory Board. Its purpose is to support the technology educational plan of the school, which addresses three broad goals:

  • Improve the computer literacy skills of our children as well as improving their information access and gathering skills;
  • Improve the capabilities of our teachers and administrators through professional development and the application of technology to administrative functions throughout the school; and
  • Design our instructional program to permit each of our children access to technology resources, materials and tools for curriculum enhancement, remediation, and enrichment so that they may reach their intellectual potential and facilitate individual success.


  • Ron Evanko
  • Mark Forsyth
  • Ed Franqui
  • Ed Frusti
  • Chip Jarvis
  • John Luedke
  • Eric Nasland
  • Bryan Nielsen
  • Charles Sanders