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Admission Policy



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Health Insurance Examinations

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Merit Awards

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Uniforms, Mass


Yard Duty

YMCA Extended Care




Absences:  Regular attendance is necessary for average progress. Parents are asked to call the school by 9:30 a.m. each day a student is absent or will be late due to medical appointments. If a student is absent, a written excuse stating the reason for the absence must be signed by a parent/guardian and presented to the teacher upon return to school. A phone call is not a replacement for this signed excuse. When the student returns after a medical appointment, the student must check into the school office.

School work missed during times of absence is the student's responsibility.  For each day absent, the student has that many days to complete class work/homework missed.  The teachers will gladly inform the students in regard to this missed work. A prolonged absence will necessarily deprive a child of a report for that period until all missed work is made up.  If a student is absent fifteen (15) or more days during a quarter marking period, official grades may be withheld unless the work is made up. More than twenty (20) days absence in a school year may necessitate the repetition of a grade level. Parents are asked NOT to schedule vacations during the school year. Homework assignments are not given in advance for schoolwork missed due to vacations and absence not due to illness.  Students who are absent from school may not participate in any after school activity on the day of their absence.

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Admission Policy:  Applications for new enrollment have priority according to the following:

  1. Existing school families that have a sibling that is baptized Catholic;

  2. Supporting parishioners of St. Mary Magdalene;

  3. Existing school families that have a sibling that is not a baptized Catholic;

  4. Non-supporting registered parishioners and Catholic students from other parishes;

  5. All others.

Within the above listed categories, the school reserves the right to select the appropriate candidate(s).

A.    For a family to qualify as a parishioner at St. Mary Magdalene Parish:

  1. The students are baptized Catholic;

  2. The family (or at least the student) regularly attends Sunday Mass at St. Mary Magdalene; and

  3. The family contributes an average of $10.00 per week ($520.00 per year) during the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30) prior to seeking the discount. This contribution should be made regularly during the year (no less than $40.00 in each month) and not in irregular payments.

B.    When space is available, an interview will be scheduled with both parent and student.  Testing is administered for students in grades K-7:

  1. To determine the level of their basic skills;

  2. To determine their developmental readiness; and

  3. To ascertain at which grade level they would be most successful.

C.    If a student is found to be deficient in a particular skills area, one of the following conditions may be required as a condition for acceptance:  Tutoring during the summer and/or during the school year.  Follow-up will consist of written verification from the school or tutor/teacher and retesting.

D.    If a student has a particular need which cannot be met at School of the Madeleine, it may be recommended that the child be referred to another school where his/her needs can be met.

E.    All new students are accepted on a probationary status for one school semester.  This period of time is designed to ensure proper adjustment to the school environment and curriculum.

F.    Generally, incoming 8th graders are accepted if transferring from another parochial school.

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Attendance:  No child is permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the day without a written and signed request from the parent/guardian.  This request must be presented to the teacher ahead of time. Students must be signed OUT at the school office by the parents or someone designated by the parent.

Custody:  If a family has mixed or joint custody of a minor child, it is the responsibility of the parents to notify the school office when there is the need for duplicate information from the school.  There may be an additional charge for these services.

Dress-Up Days:  On certain occasions throughout the school year, students may earn a dress-up privilege.  We expect the students to dress accordingly.  It is expected that for school dress-up days, students are in collared shirts/blouses, pants, and skirts/jumpers (no shorter than 3 inches above the knee).  Jeans, sweatsuits or beachwear are not allowed.  Leggings are not allowed for any dress-up occasion.  Only uniform shorts may be worn for dress-up days.  Corduroy pants or cargo pants are not allowed.  Students are entitled to a dress-up day on their birthday.

Emergency Cards will be sent home the first day of school.  Please return it the following day.  This card provides important information about your child.  If your child is on a daily medication or has a medical condition that we should be aware of, please include this on their card.  It helps us to provide the proper care for your child in an emergency.  It is the responsibility of the parent to update the card as needed.

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Emergency Procedures: Emergency dismissal may be made by the principal or a representative when a serious condition such as sickness, accident, or emergency home condition warrants.  If an emergency occurs outside of school hours, please listen to your radio station for instructions on school closures.  We will follow the same procedures as the public schools.

School of the Madeleine is prepared to care for its students in the event of a major disaster.  In the event of a natural disaster, the faculty of School of the Madeleine is prepared to care for the students for 72 hours.  Please listen to your radio for further instructions.  Procedures are reviewed annually.

Excuses:  State law requires a written excuse giving good and sufficient reason whenever a child is absent and/or tardy.  This note must be presented to the homeroom teacher and should include the name of the pupil, date the child was absent or tardy, and the parent's signature.  No child will be admitted to class if a written excuse is not received.  Phone calls are not a substitute.

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YMCA Extended Care:  For safety and insurance reasons, we ask that students not registered for child care arrive to school at 7:45 a.m. Students (K-8) who arrive at school prior to 7:45 a.m. must be registered for child care. Registration options vary for both morning and afternoon care. Program hours are 6:30 a.m.-8:00 a.m., 2:45 p.m.-6:00 p.m.Because our extended care program is a licensed day care provider, it is important that any child who is attending morning or after school care fill out the registration forms. This can be done through the Mission Valley YMCA or visit

Please note that they have a part-time rate available to our parents. This part-time rate was developed for School of the Madeleine families only and should help many of our parents with extended care costs and provide an additional option. 

Students who arrive before 7:45 a.m. must immediately report to the day care trailer and have their parents sign them in with the YMCA personnel. Any student who does not report in will be given a detention. From 7:45 a.m. to 8:00 a.m., there is an unlicensed extended care program. No sign-in is required after 7:45 a.m. During this time, all students must be seated at the lunch tables in the rear of the main school building. An orderly dismissal from this area will occur with the 8:00 a.m. bell. Please remember that students are not allowed in front of the school building (even with a parent) before the bell rings at 8:00 a.m. These procedures are important for the safety of our students.

Family Participation Policy:  The Parent Participation Policy of School of the Madeleine states that service is at the heart of the faith community and each family will be required to give a minimum of 20 hours of service to the school community.  This commitment must be made by contract at the time of registration to secure a position for your child/children for the following school year.

Service hours are to be completed during the school year.  The cost of education per child is significantly more than the indicated tuition levels.  It is expected that every family will honor this contract.  Points may be secured by a donation of time, talent and goods.


1.   Families are required to contribute 20 hours of service.  See the school contract.  Completed family service hours are due in the office on May 1.

2.   Families must meet the fundraising commitment established by the Parent Support Association (PS).

3.   Those families who have not met their 20-hour service and PSA fundraising commitment will lose their final placement for their child/children for the following school year.

4.   Volunteer service to the school will be counted on an hourly basis.

5.   It will be the responsibility of each family to maintain their own time cards.

6.   Attendance at athletic events and/or social functions does not qualify for service hours unless you are on the organizing committees or in a coaching/helping position.

7.   Those who register after the first quarter will have their service hours prorated for the year.

Choices include many opportunities available in the committees listed as a means of getting directly involved in the programs offered in our school.  Suggestions include:

Room Parent

Classroom Helper


Sports Team

Yard Duty Substitute

Rainy Day Lunch Helper

Hot Lunch Helper

Computer Lab

Fund Raiser Committee

Nursing Office Duty

Coaching Help

Telephone Committee

Hospitality Committee

Library Aide

Field Trip Driver

Health Screening

Newsletter Helpers

Lunch Milk Duty

Office Help

Field Day


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Fire Drills/Earthquake Safety Drills are held once a month, or as needed.  Students are asked to strictly follow the directives of the teachers during the drill and are instructed to remain quiet during the entire procedure.

Graduation: The Baccalaureate Mass and Awarding of Diplomas will be in early June.  Caps and gowns will be worn.

Graduation Fees are charged to the students in the 8th grade.  This is a one-time fee, but it may be paid in installments.  A letter will be sent to all parents of eighth graders in the spring.

Halloween Costumes:  As a Catholic school, we feel it is necessary to define certain expectations on costume days such as on Halloween.  Make sure the costume your child chooses does not conflict with the Christian atmosphere of our school.  Please no low cut tops, bare midriffs, spaghetti straps, or skin tight pants.  Boys may not wear fishnet shirts.  We ask that students refrain from costumes which portray violence or political figures.  Real or make-believe weapons are not appropriate (no guns, knives, arrows, or swords).

Health Screening Examinations

1.   California State Law requires specific procedures for all children entering school for the first time (K & 1st grade).

2.   Hearing screening will be provided during the course of the school year for specific classes and for students who are referred by their teacher or parents.

3.   Scoliosis screening will be provided to students in grades 7-8 during the school year.

4.    County Health Guidelines regarding immunizations are followed for admittance to School of the Madeleine.

5.   Special needs/handicaps should be reported on the child's health forms.  Any change during the year should be reported to the school office immediately.

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Homework Expectations:  Homework is an essential part of the formal educational process. Homework planned to meet the needs of the students is an essential and key ingredient in the success of any student.

Homework is assigned to:

  • reinforce concepts and skills that have been presented in class

  • foster the student's creativity and self-discipline through enrichment and independent projects and/or research

  • train the student to work independently and to accept responsibility

  • help students plan ahead

Parents are urged to make sure that each student:

  • has a comfortable, quiet, organized place of study

  • sets the proper amount of time aside each day for homework assignments

  • has access to local library on a regular basis

  • keeps track of homework assignments

  • finishes all assignments on a consistent basis

Homework expectations:

  • Grades 1-3   20-40 minutes per night

  • Grades 4-5   45-60 minutes per night

  • Grades 6-8   90-120 minutes per night

Actual time spent on homework may vary according to each student's abilities.

Weekend homework may be given. Long-range assignments should be carefully planned so as to avoid last-minute "rush" efforts.

If, on occasion, students cannot finish their homework due to special circumstances in the time given, a note from the parent with an appropriate explanation will be accepted to grant an extension on the deadline.  Refer to Absences.

Parents are encouraged to contact individual teachers for the more specific amounts and calendar of homework activities required in each grade.

Homework faxed to the school office will not be accepted for credit.

Homework assignments are not given in advance for schoolwork missed due to vacations or absences not due to illness.

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Honor Roll:  Students in grades 6-8 are eligible for Honor Roll status for the report card periods.  To be on the Honor Roll, all grades must be B+ or better in the seven academic areas:  Religion, English, Spelling, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Reading/Literature. Students must achieve a B+ (87%) or better in Spanish and PE to be on the Honor Roll.

Second Honors - Grades Must be B+ or better in the major academic areas.

First Honors - Grades must be A (93%) or better in the major academic areas

Responsible Behavior must be G+ or better

Illness/Injury:  Each school day your child is ill, please inform the school prior to 9:30 a.m.  Refer to Absences.

Should a student be injured or become ill at school the parent/guardian will be contacted.  No student will be permitted to go home before this contact is made.  If the parents cannot be reached and the illness is serious enough to require medical attention, the student's emergency card will be consulted and arrangements will be made for the treatment authorized.  Please be sure that we have your current phone numbers at all times.

Insurance: The student accident program provides financial aid in helping to meet hospital, surgical and medical expenses incurred by reason of student injury.  The insurance plan covers accidents which occur on school property, at school-sponsored activities, and while going directly to and from school.  Should an accident occur, parents will be notified immediately.  Insurance forms are available at the school office if you wish to extend your coverage.

Labels:  All personal items (uniforms, jackets, lunch boxes, toys on "loan," hats, etc.) must be identified by marker or labels with the student's name and grade.  Since all the children wear the same uniform, it is impossible to determine ownership when articles of clothing are lost or misplaced unless labeled.

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Library Program: The library program supplements the academic program.  Opportunities will be provided for the individual's learning needs, developing interests and an enjoyment of reading.  Children are encouraged to make full use of the library facilities.

Lost and Found:  All items found are placed in the school's "lost and found" area.  If not claimed by the end of the month, the items will be distributed to those who can use them or to the missions.

Lunches:  All sack lunches and/or lunch boxes are to be clearly marked with the student's name and grade. In the event that you occasionally must bring your child's lunch to school, please mark the lunch with the student's name and grade and leave it in the school office.  Do not deliver the lunch to a classroom. Students are not permitted to go to the home of a friend during school hours, nor are they allowed to buy their lunch at nearby drive-ins or restaurants.

Hot lunches are provided by the Hot Lunch Committee once or twice a month. Please check the monthly calendar for the days.

A lunch truck service is usually available on a daily basis for students in grades 1-8 Lunch Truck Menu

Masses/Mass Attendance:  Masses are planned for major feasts and for special occasions throughout the year.  Parents are welcome to join us for these celebrations.

All Catholic parents of our school children are urged to attend Mass with their children on Saturdays/Sundays.  The children are taught in school that the Mass is the most important part of Catholic worship, and they are encouraged to participate actively in the Mass.

All families are encouraged to actively and regularly practice their faith with their children.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available at regular intervals during the year.

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Medical Appointments should be made for after school if at all possible.  A written note is required to be excused for a medical or dental appointment.  This note should be presented to the homeroom teacher who sends it to the office.

The student must be picked up at the main school office ONLY.  It will be necessary for the parent/guardian to sign the register for the child who is leaving early.

Medical appointments are not considered an absence if the student returns to school with the appointment slip signed by the staff of the doctor's office.

Medications: All medications must be sent to the Nurse's Office, and must be administered by the school personnel only. Children are not allowed to keep any medication with them for self-administration. 

1.    Short-term over-the-counter medicine: The medication must be identified, either by being in the original package, or in individual dosage units identified by the manufacturer.  A note signed by the parents should specify dosage, time to be given, and length of time the medicine should be given.

2.    Short-term prescription medicine: Medication must be in the original prescription container with the child's name, dosage, and times clearly stated.  A signed note from the parent should state the time during the school day the medication is to be given.

3.    Long-term prescription medicine: The same rules apply as for the short-term prescription medicine.  In addition, a form supplied by the Nurse's Office must be completed and signed by the physician and parent.

4.    Occasional Tylenol administration: Tylenol is given at the discretion of school personnel, and only when the parent has given prior written permission on the Emergency Card.  The Nurse's Office has a stock supply of Tylenol.

Medications containing narcotics (including cough syrups) will not be given during school hours, even if prescribed by a physician. 

Merit Awards:


"O" in Responsible Behavior


Students who go beyond "the call of duty"

Super Kid

For good manners, helpfulness, etc.

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Minimum Days:  Faculty in-service days are scheduled once a month.  These afternoons are devoted to in-service study sessions for the faculty and staff, as well as for report card conferences.  Be sure to check the monthly calendar for the schedule of minimum days.

Parties:  Invitations for any or all parties may not be passed out at school.  Please use the postal service for this.

PSA Commitment Information: As stated in your contract, there is a $260.00 PSA Commitment, which includes the mandatory purchase of $60.00 in raffle tickets for each family. Your PSA Commitment must be fulfilled each year by May 1 to secure placement for your child(ren) for the following school year. Ways to complete your commitment:

  • Fifty percent (50%) of what you spend on the Fall Fundraiser and Jog-A-Thon goes toward your PSA Commitment. For example, if you buy $100.00 worth of gift wrap, $50.00 goes toward your commitment.

  • Twenty-five percent (25%) of what you spend on tickets for the Madeleine Main Event; and 50% of your purchases from the online/silent/live auction counts toward your PSA Commitment.

  • Sixty dollars ($60.00) mandatory raffle tickets. 

If you do not fulfill all your commitment through these four fundraisers, you may may make a monetary donation for the difference. You can also make a direct donation of $200.00 to pay your PSA Commitment. Be sure to include your family number and specifically indicate on the donation check that it is for your PSA Commitment so it is not applied to another undesignated account.

Recognition Awards:  A variety of awards are given to the students throughout the year.  Some of the awards include:

  • Student of the Week is a bi-monthly award given to students in each class for improvement, cooperation, effort and citizenship.

  • Super Kid Awards are given to recognize effort, good manners and helpfulness around the campus.  Students submit these awards for a bi-monthly drawing held at the school assemblies.

  • Special Awards are given for outstanding performance.

Report Card Grading Information: 



A 93-100 O   C 73-76 S
A- 90-92 VG   C- 70-72 S-
B+ 87-89 G+   D+ 67-69 NI
B 83-86 G   D 63-66 NI
B- 80-82 G-   D- 60-62 NI
C+ 77-79 S+   F 59 and Below U

Report cards are issued four times a year.  A formal parent-teacher conference is scheduled for the first report card grading period in November.

We are concerned that students do their best in so far as they are able.  It is our desire that parents and teachers recognize the necessity of proper and timely communication.  Any matter involving a student's work or behavior must be taken up with the teacher first.

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School Directory:  The directory is for school use only.  Parents are asked for permission to print this information prior to the publication date.  Parents are asked to exercise caution with this information.  Crank calls are considered a serious violation of the good conduct policies of the school.

Service Hours Commitment:  Each Madeleine family is required to complete 20 service hours during the school year.  A service points record card will be sent home the first week of school. Fundraiser commitment and service points record cards are due May 1 for all Madeleine families. Families who do not complete their service points will not be allowed to re-register for the following school year. 

Snacks: High sugar snacks are strongly discouraged!  Snacks should include high nutritional foods such as fruit, raw carrots/celery, nuts, seeds, etc.

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Tardiness:  When late, students must report to the office to receive an admission slip to the classroom.  Excessive tardies affect the Responsible Behavior grade.

Uniforms:  Students must be in their complete uniform during the regular school hours.  All uniform shorts, including P.E., must be purchased at Dennis Uniform. Students inappropriately dressed for the day will be sent home to change.  A navy blue or black belt must be worn with the walking shorts and long pants.  Students are to wear only their school sweatshirt or school jacket while on the school campus.  There are no exceptions during the school day.  Uniform jumpers, skirts, and shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knee.  Walking shorts may not be rolled.  Appropriate socks must be worn.

  • Make-up of any kind is not allowed while at school.  This includes nail polish.

  • Hair color must be the natural color.  Students may not highlight, dye, or change their natural hair color in any way.  Hair should be neat and clean.  Boys' hair length must not reach below the ear lobe, touch the collar of the uniform polo, or be below the eyebrows.  No "fad" hair styles.  Shaved heads or designs shaved in are not acceptable.

  • Jewelry: Girls are allowed to wear single-ball or jewel-type earnings.  Dangling earrings are not allowed.  Students are allowed to wear watches and religious medals.  Boys are not permitted to wear earrings.

Uniforms, Mass:  As requested by the parish, students must be dressed as follows for all school Mass days:


Navy blue twill long pants

White uniform shirt or polo


Uniform skirt or jumper

White uniform shirt of polo


Students may not wear walking shorts to Mass.

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Visitors:  Any person who comes on campus during school hours MUST report to the school office and receive a visitor's pass. The pass identifies the person as a visitor with permission to be on our campus.

Parents may not visit classrooms without permission from the principal. Parents who wish to confer with teachers are to do so after school or at other appointed times so as not to interrupt class instruction.

Yard Duty:  Parents may sign up to be on a volunteer list to substitute for teacher aides when they are out sick.  Volunteers are also needed for rainy day lunches to help with supervision in the classrooms.  Parents are needed for the full lunch hour and will receive two service points per lunch.