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The list of after-school activities available to the students include the following:



Football (Grades 5-8)

Volleyball (Grades 5-8)

Basketball (Grades 5-8)

Basketball (Grades 5-8)

Soccer (Grades 3-8)

Soccer (Grades 3-8)

Track (Grades K-8)

Track (Grades K-8)

Alter Servers (Grades 3-8)

Alter Servers (Grades 3-8)

Student Council (Grades 4-8)

Student Council (Grades 4-8)

Musical Instruction (Grades 1-8)

Musical Instruction (Grades 1-8)

Art Instruction (Grades 1-8)

Art Instruction (Grades 1-8)

Cub Scouts


Boy Scouts

Girl Scouts

Choir (Grades 4-8)

Choir (Grades 4-8)



School of the Madeleine offers an after-school sports program for boys and girls.  For all sports, grades 7 and 8 are considered Varsity and grades 5 and 6 are Jr. Varsity.

In the fall, we offer girls Volleyball and boys Flag Football.

Our winter sports program offers Soccer for girls and basketball for boys.  During this season, Pee-Wee Soccer is also available for boys and girls in grades 3 and 4.  This is the only sport open to grades 3 and 4.

In the spring, girls participate in Basketball and boys participate in Soccer.

The fee for participation is $50.  This covers league fees, supervisor and referee fees in addition to equipment and uniform purchases.  There are specific requirements for student academics and behavior (see Eligibility Policy below).  These are reviewed on the permission slips.  Permission slips are handed out at the beginning of each season.

The Madeleine Athletic Club also helps provide financial support through their fundraiser, to purchase new uniforms, as they are needed.

Most of our coaches are parent volunteers.  Anyone interested in coaching, helping with the Snack Shack or assisting in other areas of sports should contact the P.E. Department at the school.  All volunteers must complete the Live-Scan process.

The Catholic Sports League has a web site for schedules, directions to schools, and general information.

All students and their families are invited and encouraged to attend the games.


The purpose of the After-School Sports Program is to teach and exemplify the basic human and Christian values of sportsmanship, cooperation and teamwork.  Its goal is to help foster friendships, provide leadership opportunities and help students develop a positive attitude toward sports and athletic competition.

School of the Madeleine's after-school athletic program is part of the Catholic Sports League consisting of teams from other Catholic schools.  This league is competitive in nature and is responsible for scheduling games, providing referees, and securing playing facilities.

Within this league, each school determines their philosophy of the athletic program and eligibility policy for players.  Coaches are acquired from parents who volunteer and meet with the school's Athletic Director.  The number of players who want to participate and availability of volunteer coaches determines the number of teams a school has in the program. 

Because of its size, School of the Madeleine often has large teams making it difficult for coaches to manage.  The school does not believe in holding try-outs or cutting a child from a team.  It is the school's belief that each child can benefit from the commitment of being a member of a team, practicing with friends, learning fundamentals, and experiencing camaraderie.  Volunteer coaches are instructed by the Athletic Director to provide playing time to as many students as possible during a game.  The amount of playing time is determined at the discretion of the coaches based on focus at practice, attitude, ability, and the circumstances of a particular game.

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Most practices are held at the school on days to be determined by the coach.  Parents are responsible for following the After School Care procedures for signing children in and out.  Students may not wait in front of the school, after practice, without an adult. 


The fee for participation is $50 and should be turned in with the permission slip.  There are no refunds after the first game.  Checks should be made out to School of the Madeleine.  Please call Coach Paul Stabile in the PE office if you have any questions.


Extra-curricular activities are an important extension of the total educational curriculum at School of the Madeleine.  We encourage all students to take advantage of these unique opportunities to develop individual skills, team skills, qualities of leadership, sportsmanship and school spirit.

It is expected that students involved in extra-curricular activities have met the minimum requirements with regard to their studies, effort, and attitude at school. As such, these extra activities are an extension of, not a replacement for, the basic responsibilities for one's studies, attitudes and effort in school. Eligibility lists come from the Athletic Director's office.

To be eligible for extra-curricular activities, including sports, the students are expected:

  • To maintain class conduct grades of "S-" or better

  • To demonstrate Satisfactory (S-) level of effort in each area of study

  • To maintain their school work at a "C-" average (70%) or better in each subject area, including PE, Spanish, and Computers.

When a student does not meet the criteria for eligibility during the regular reason, the student is suspended from all activities including games and practices for one week. During playoffs or tournament play, the student is suspended from the first practice and game in the week. Ineligibility begins immediately. After that, the student will be re-evaluated weekly as needed.

If a student has a Conduct Referral, the student is not eligible for extra-curricular activities for at least one week.


Parents and/or students who have questions or concerns must first make an appointment with the coach to discuss and resolve the issues.  If the parties have been unable to resolve the situation, the Athletic Director should be contacted for clarification or mediation.  The Athletic Director will notify the principal if there are still unresolved questions or concerns.

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